Millhouse lodge

The Millhouse offers a great space and beautiful setting for a group of people who want to spend quality time together in a peaceful rural setting. The Millhouse lodge is a large and luxurious lodge encircled by grass fields, small farms and a large river to the east. Located near many of the countries main attractions including the golden circle it is ideally placed for your vacationing needs. You don’t even have to drive anywhere! Just walk around the area and relax in the hot tub or walk to the black beach which is a 20 minute walk along the the river bank, and enjoy what Icelandic nature has to offer.

The Millhouse is split into two connected buildings.

The Millhouse

The Millhouse is the main lodge and it can accomodate up to 17 persons. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and spacious common living and dining area.

The guest room

The guest room is rented out seperately from the Millhouse lodge and accomodates 4 persons. It features two rooms, a bedroom and a bathroom. It is ideal if you need a place to stay overnight while travelling around the country or need room for even more people than the Millhouse it self can accomodate.

The bedroom features a single large bed and a very minimalist kitchen and dining area. The bathroom also has a washing machine and dryer combo.